The man I see was both wrong and right he's going home again
I guessed happiness was Lubbock Texas in my rearview mirror
But now happiness was Lubbock Texas growing nearer and dearer
And the vision was getting clearer in my dream
And I think I finally know just what it means
And when I die you can bury me in Lubbock Texas in my jeans



Songwriters: Mac Davis



Joe Trevino

Joe Trevino is a Texas Native born and raised in Texas. Joe has always loved Music from Opera Classical to his all time favorite Country. Inspired by Mac Davis, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison to Elvis Presley. 

Joe started his singing at a young age singing for family and friends. Then headed out to Nashville and sang at the Nashville Palace three times. Lived in San Antonio,TX and playing the market square at the the small stages then hit the main stage opening up for big acts. Now in Lubbock TX he is playing regularly around the area. 

Joe Trevino is making a name in the West Texas area. The songs in the music player, "She Keeps my dreams alive" and "Give me a Chance" were recorded at the Augie Myers Studios in Bulverde, TX ' The Texas Tornados". In Joe's words "It was such an awesome privilege to have met and worked with such a professional group".







Years Active:

1995- Present



Tech Rider


Hospitality Rider


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